Hello Gorgeous!  I’m so glad you stopped by. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Lauren, but everyone calls me “Elle.”

I’m a “multi passionate entrepreneur” who’s been juggling creative, fashion, design, photography and branding careers since I was 14-years-old.

First it was a jewelry business, which helped me pay for my clothing habit in high school. Then in college, I became a makeup artist. My parents wouldn’t let me go to art school (they had more practical hopes for my future) and so I took every creative elective available while attending USC–where I fell in love with photography. After finishing my degree in Public Relations, with an emphasis in Communication Design, I did a stint in fine jewelry and retail before finding a more “grown-up job.”

I stumbled my way into marketing/branding for a start-up being run out of HP (HP MagCloud). Eventually through the crazy course that life takes, I ended up in San Diego, working as the Associate Creative Director for a marketing agency and owning my own portrait and wedding photography business on the side. Fast forward through some dream clients (and some that I’d like to forget) and I moved on to working as the Brand and Marketing Strategist for the San Diego International Airport, leading a rebrand, and helping bring the Airport Authority into a new age and identity.

But like every multi passionate creative, doing just one thing was never enough. I was always still designing things on the side, creating special gifts for loved ones, helping friends plan and design their weddings and throwing a few Pinterest-worthy parties of my own along the way. That’s where Dolce Vita and A Life More Dolce came along.  Dolce Vita became a battle cry for me, an outlet for my creative passions, and a place where I could bring beauty to the world around me. Whether it’s letterhead design for a special gift, event planning for that special day (and not just weddings–Friday’s can be special days too), I found that there are little opportunities in everything we do to make the world around us more beautiful, and the people around us feel special.

Need some creative help with a new business, your wedding anniversary or just plain need some styling advice? Let’s get together and grab a drink (cappuccino, bubbly, cocktails). The first round is on me.