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Throwing a co-ed Bachelor Party that Everyone enjoys

One of my best friends is getting married in less than a month and I got the supreme honor of being his Matron of Honor. Yep, you read that right, his.

But as much as I have experience throwing a good party, I was pretty stressed about how to take on throwing a bachelor party for a group of co-ed, cultured, 30-somethings… after all, this wasn’t going to be the stereotypical bachelorette party we’ve all attended with the stripper, night clubs or excessive shots and dare games.

You see, Mark and his fiancé Gene are quite possibly the ultimate SF couple. They are both extremely athletic (Mark is a gymnast and Gene regularly cycles a couple hundred miles for charity every year… you know, nbd) and they are both lovers of fine wine, food and all things cultured. In other words, this was not going to be an easy challenge…

Location, Location, Location

In order to stay close to SF (the majority of the party were local to the area) we opted to head to wine country. I found a darling place on airbnb (I’ll probably regret sharing this because it will always be booked up) located in Glen Ellen. It was just a 30-minute drive from both Napa and Sonoma, and within driving distance to Healdsburg and Sebastopol, leaving all of the area open for us to adventure.

Staying in a house rather than a hotel helped with the budget, as I was able to put all of Mark’s talented foodie-friends to work cooking gourmet dinners, and bringing their favorite bottles of wine to the house. Rather than racking up a huge bill at a restaurant and awkwardly dividing it, we delegated groceries and drinks and everyone brought something to share.

After a day of wine tasting in the area (Joseph Swan Winery is a hidden gem) tapas in Healdsburg and another tasting room or two, we were able to come back to the house, lounge in the cozy living room by the fire and sip on more wine while we nibbled on cheese and took turns cooking in the kitchen.

Silly Games for Adults

We may all have been over 30, but that doesn’t mean a few good games weren’t in order. I hit up Amazon before the trip and ordered some of the new (adult and somewhat inappropriate) classics:

And of course, it was a bachelor party so I threw in a few gags too for the late night giggles when we’d all had a little bit to much to drink:

Fun and Functional Swag

Being that our adventure weekend was a trip to wine country, I figured tying the swag to the occasion only made sense. I opted to order awesome custom water bottles that I had made by Metal Depot via Etsy. Crafted from premium stainless steel, the 25 oz Wine Bottle (yes, they hold an entire bottle of wine) keeps your wine cold for up to 24 hours with modern double-wall insulation technology. In the case of the bachelor weekend, we loaded them up with water so they kept us all hydrated in between wine tastings, and the variety of colors meant none of us had to worry about picking up someone else’s water all weekend long.

The team at Metal Depot was so great in helping me secure a variety of colors, and I designed my own artwork in illustrator, to create a dapper bow-tie design. You can even see the artwork highlighted on their etsy site now.

In all I think the weekend was a success. Unlike all the bachelorette parties I attended in my 20’s we didn’t require a strict schedule or an itinerary to entertain us. Instead, letting the weekend flow, and allowing for great conversation over great bottles of wine, was the order of the day. A few fun details made for some great giggles and photos (that I promised I wouldn’t share)

Fun Details

The final icing on the cake, or in this case–charm on the glasses–were hilarious glass tags of little men in speedos that marked our wine glasses all weekend long. To keep it simple, they matched our water bottles, and kept us from accidentally grabbing someone else’s Pinot.

Speedo Men Drink/Wine glass tags

Are you in charge of throwing a co-ed bachelor or bachelorette party?
Share your tips and tricks with us!

We also love to hear about how our designs or details inspire you, so please share below in the comments.

 Stay fabulous.
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